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Турка-жемчужина Карпат ** Turka-the pearl of the Carpathians         В Турці

Turka — the capital of Bojkowszczyzna (the Boyko land)

The Turka District is one of the most beautiful places in Carpathian Mountains, that is situated north-west of Carpathian mountains, in upper parts of Dniestr, Stryj and San rivers. It is a typically mountain region, with peaks range from 500 m. to 1400 m. above sea level. There are mountain massifs: lower-over the upper Dniestr and Werchowyna Turczański, medium the Beskidy Skolski Mountains and the Wierchowyński Watershed, above which dominates, near to Werchnie Husne village, the highest peak of the Bieszczady Mountains: Mount Pikuj (1408 m. above sea level. The Turka District lies in the heart of the Boyko land.

After regaining independence by Ukraine in 1992 with initiative of Petr Konaczewycz the Boyko land became the place where The First international Boyko's Festival is organized. This wonderful event takes place every five year (1997, 2003) in accompanied by the sound of unique local instruments and melodies.

In the Turka District, for tourists we highly recommend resting in a village: accommodation and service is provided in a traditional Ukrainian cottage. Tourists can observe the typical village life and cultural heritage. The hosts offer various services range from accommodatinn to complex daily service (inciuding looking after children).

In summer you can pick up mushrooms, berries and medical herbs, fishing, go on trips by bicycles or go for a trip. There are organized white water rafting and unforgettable evenings in mountain huts. In winter very popular are ski slopes with various difficulty levels, sledging to cavalcade and ice skating. Extremely attractive is taking part in winter celebrations which start with Christmas, New Years Eve (according to julian calendar). Christmas carols and nativity plays give you pleasant and unforgettable experiences.

Rozlucz — the Turka District tourists gate

Rozlucz is the best place for rest. This mountain village is one of the most popular resort in the Lviv Voivodeship. It is situated in the beautiful Rozludzki valley (590 m. a.s.l.) in distance 120 km from Lviv and 14 km from the city of Turka. There are mineral springs „Naftasia” and „Sodowa” Rozlucz is excellent place for winter sports. There are two ski lifts 650 m. and 400 m. lenght. There are six guest houses for tourists.

There is also the train station and bus stop on the way Lviv-Sambor- Uzhorod.

Useful information:
The Turka District Council 82500 UKRAINA the Lviv Region, the Turka District, Tutka, 62 Strzelców Siczowych Street — tel. (+38) 03269 31261
The Turka District National Administration, tel. +38 03269 31481
Department of Culture and Tourism, tel. +38 03269 41979
„Bojkiwszczyna” Association, tel. +38 03269 41098